Part 3 – Hugo Meets Chester

Hugo woke up feeling much better. And as promised, Zippy was wandering back over to him as he opened his eyes. The odd thing to Hugo was that it felt like exactly the same time of day as before. The sun was in the same place in the sky, the breeze was blowing exactly as […]

Part 2 – Hugo Meets Zippy

He heard the licking sound before his eyes were open. A dog licking down there, as Kevin called it. He opened his eyes to a dog sitting near him, slouched back and over at the same time so he could really lick himself. As Hugo watched, he noticed how similar they were. Like Kaydon back […]

Part 1 – Hugo was Tired

Hugo was tired. Not sleepy tired – done tired. No more balls to chase, sticks to carry, Frisbees to catch. He thought about these things he liked so much. Any other time he would have wanted to do them all right now. But here, lying on the sofa, now he was ready to go. He’d […]