Part 26 – Arrivals

Hugo saw Kaydon often. He popped by with Driver or alone. They reminisced. They played tug with the frisbee as they’d done back there. Kaydon spoke largely of Simon, and Hugo of Kevin. And their packs grew. Driver was a natural pack leader, and often wondered aloud to anyone passing by why it took so […]

Part 21 – Kaydon Arrives

Hugo knew it was coming. For however long, it didn’t really matter but he felt it. Kevin and Simon were both as sad as anything he felt since coming over here. He sensed Kaydon too and yet, Kaydon was as calm as Kevin and Simon were sad. He was sorry for his dear people that […]

Part 20 – Kaydon is Ready

Kaydon floated in and out, in and out. He knew as soon as he found out he had cancer that he was going to see Hugo again soon. Then he got to talk to Hugo in his dreams. Hugo had made him feel better. Since that dream, he wasn’t afraid any longer. Hugo was going […]