Part 9 – The Grove

Whenever it was, they both came back to here as they heard a dog barking excitedly in the distance. It came from a direction Hugo had never noticed before. How could he not have seen it? A thicket of the most beautiful trees of all types, just made for peeing on. A sunbeam – amid […]

Part 8 – Hugo Learns More About This Place

Hugo was exhausted from chasing sticks in the Blanco. The river lazily receded as wispy Mexican feather grass faded in all around him, their delicate golden fronds rustling in the breeze and lulling him to sleep. Sometime later, he woke up and carried out one of his favorite stretches. The full-on back to front: behind […]

Part 7 – Zippy’s Journey Continued

Zippy’s description was so like Trudy’s experience, and so different to his own. He hadn’t been taken anywhere, or felt any little pricks of pain before falling asleep. He’d simply felt bad and faded gently away from back there. “They call it putting you to sleep, or putting you down,” Zippy explained, knowing Hugo arrived […]

Part 6 – Zippy’s Journey

Zippy and Hugo weren’t doing much of anything. Hugo was lying in his favorite spot in the west-facing window of their previous house – the first house his people had bought together – changing positions every now and then to soak up the afternoon sun as dust became glitter in the streaming rays. He was […]

Part 5 – Trudy Pays a Visit

While a large rawhide occupied much of Hugo’s attention, he was also reflecting on Zippy’s favorite time with Kevin. He got the whole thing about aging, that the Kevin he knew was older than Zippy’s Kevin. He wondered what Kevin looked like back then. He still couldn’t picture Kevin giggling or laughing with the lack […]

Part 4 – What are we Waiting for?

“I’m going to guess that Buster is one of Kevin’s mother’s past pets,” Hugo offered up. “Sort of, but you’re getting the idea. Buster was the family pet. Kevin’s mother loved him like none of the other family did, though they all did love him. Buster knew this to be true, and loved her more […]

Part 3 – Hugo Meets Chester

Hugo woke up feeling much better. And as promised, Zippy was wandering back over to him as he opened his eyes. The odd thing to Hugo was that it felt like exactly the same time of day as before. The sun was in the same place in the sky, the breeze was blowing exactly as […]