Part 17 – Simon’s Dog from a Long Time Ago

Driver’s familiar, distinctive voice woke him. That English accent. Simon spoke the same way. “Hallo, Hugo. Decided to join me for a bit of a nap, did you?” Driver didn’t have a pack of his own so he always welcomed visitors when he wasn’t chasing birds or sleeping in the hallway.

Part 16 – Who’s Kaydon Waiting For?

Hugo and Zippy were at the end of an enjoyable walk on another sun-drenched afternoon. It was a lazy, meandering walk as they stopped frequently to chat with other dogs. They ran into Suzy and Baxter, who spent most of their time hanging out together. While they weren’t waiting for the same person, neither of […]

Part 15 – Witnessing Grace

On an early Fall morning in Texas that Hugo was imagining, when the mosquitoes disappear and the dry air teases of coolness to come, he looked around. A patchwork of dogs dotted his landscape. He wondered what they saw as they took in their scenery: a mountain stream inviting them to jump in then swim […]

Part 13 – Hugo Senses Kaydon

Time being a fluid thing here, Hugo had no idea how long it had been since he left his people, and Kaydon. He didn’t mind it so much except that he wondered what they were doing. He still felt Kevin’s sadness, though less frequently now. And while he missed the connection it gave him to […]

Part 12 – Not All Remember

Cookie was the pack leader of a group that included Socks, Bingo, Pongo, Purdy, Baxter, and Wrigley. Cookie was an old hand at this by now. Socks had joined her first then the others arrived one by one. Her pack wasn’t as big as Donnie’s but it held its own. There used to be an […]

Part 11 – A Human Welcomes His Dog

The puppies tackled, wrestled and yapped at each other. Hugo loved watching them play. Back there, he wasn’t a big fan of puppies, especially as he grew older. Here it made him smile, especially when one of them broke free of their play buddies to mount an attack on him. Lunge forward, jump back, repeat, […]

Part 10 – Hugo Feels Kevin’s Sadness

Unless you’re invited, you don’t get to see other dogs’ favorite places and moments. Chester loved playing in the sprinkler so much, he was always inviting other dogs to join him, sure that they wanted to be part of the fun. Hugo was on his way back from watching Chester, chuckling to himself about what […]

Part 9 – The Grove

Whenever it was, they both came back to here as they heard a dog barking excitedly in the distance. It came from a direction Hugo had never noticed before. How could he not have seen it? A thicket of the most beautiful trees of all types, just made for peeing on. A sunbeam – amid […]